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Message from the president

SY Innovation Co., Ltd., will develop into a global professional company that leads technical innovation in the fields of medical device, cosmetics, semiconductor components, and related industries.

There are constant demands of technical innovation for the advancement of medical device and cosmetics as well as the development of the IT industry. Since its inception, SY Innovation has concentrated its capabilities in infrastructure, R&D, and quality improvement to meet such demand of the times.

Thanks to continuous efforts, consumers in overseas markets such as China, Taiwan, and Russia have recognized the supreme quality and technical capabilities of SY Innovation, resulting in constant exporting to those markets. The company will continue to solidify this status and expand in the global market by meeting the needs of the fast-changing environment.

Based on the three management principles of technical innovation, transparent management, and social responsibility, SY Innovation will endeavor to manufacture world-class quality products and manage the quality of its products perfectly for customer's satisfaction. SY Innovation promises to develop into a global top-notch company that provides utmost satisfaction both to itself and to the customers.

We sincerely appreciate our customers for the support and encouragement they have provided as we faced constant challenges and made corresponding efforts.Steve Cho, CEO of SY Innovation Co., Ltd.
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